Anky Riding Breeches Regally Full Grip White UK 14 EU 42 (XR21101)

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  • Trendy riding breeches with anti-slip seat and Stretch leg closure. The anti-slip seat is flexible and provides extra grip and therefore a more stable sit while riding. The belt loops, the jeans pockets on the front and the pockets on the back are fitted with stylish, shiny details and strass stones. There is an Anky logo on the right belt loop and an Anky badge can be found on the back of the waistband. The front closure is provided with two slide buttons. The Stretch leg closure fits perfectly around the ankle, ensuring the best possible comfort in riding boots. Made of 76% nylon en 24% spandex and is therefore breathable and moisture wicking. Machine washable. Available in the colour white.

UK 14 EU 42

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