Cwell Equine Nylon + Leather HORSE DRIVING Cart Harness Saddle Bridle COB BROWN

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Horse driving cart harness SET STRONG NYLON + LEATHER  

Driving a horse is fun for the entire family! Almost all horsesand ponies can be broken to harness from miniatures to shires.Many ponies can also be broken to harness after the childrenhave out grown them, will be so much for the kids and the adults as well.Whether you want to train a old riding horse or a youngster

This harness set contains

Harness Bridle with Blinker

Harness Saddle with Girth

Harness driving reins

Breast collar


Crupper, etc

(no bridle bit comes with this set)


Please see below chart as a general guideline to see if this harness fits

Please take the following measurement from your horse as per the picture

A: All the way around the girth (This is where the saddle would go )

B: Backstrap.

C: Nose Band length.

D: Bridle, from bit ring to bit ring over poll. Subtract 3 inches if measuring from corner of mouth to corner of mouth as bit rings are usually 1-1/2 inches each side.

All measurement are in inches : minimum to maximum for each size

A (Inches)

B (Inches)

C (Inches)

D (Inches)


A: 75” to 94”

B: 35” to 49”

C: 25” to 30”

D: 48” to 54”


A: 75” to 89”

B: 33” to 45”

C: 24” to 38”

D: 42” to 48”


A: 65” to 84”

B: 32” to 42”

C: 23” to 26”

D: 38” to 44”


A: 64” to 72”

B: 31” to 38”

C: 22” to 25”

D: 36” to 42”


A: 54” to 62”

B: 24” to 32”

C: 20” to 23”

D: 32” to 36”


A: 42” to 58”

B: 24” to 30”

C: 17” to 20”

D: 26” to 32”

Cwell Equine Nylon + Leather HORSE DRIVING Cart Harness Saddle Bridle

single horse


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