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New Horse Training Aid Lunging Training Aids System . Please read through and follow these instructions carefully before fitting or using your Pessoa type training aid . To use the system you will need: Rein Training roller with low, large rings or dees Bridle Lunge rein and whip Your Pessoa system will fit ponies from 12.2hh to very large 17hh hunter / warmblood types as it is very adjustable with sliding fittings. Fit training roller and bridle as usual for lunging Start to fit the Pessoa by placing the furry sleeve under the tail and attach the first trigger clip to the top ring of the roller. The sleeve needs to be firm around the quarters and well clear of the hocks. Use the figure 8 sliders on both sides to pull the rein taut. You will be left with 2 longer reins on each side. Pass these through the low roller rings on each side of the horse. Identify the next clip to use. It has a small pulley attachment. This clips to the bit. Face the clip outwards to avoid any possibility of your horse catching his lip. Position One For initial training. Encourages the horse to stretch down into the contact. Builds flexibility. Attach triggers between front legs to roller Position Two Mid position for novice horse. Encourages lift and continues to stretch top line. Attach triggers to roller BELOW rein Position Three High position for experienced horse. Encourages even more front lift and positions hocks well underneath horse. Builds strength for collected movements. Attach triggers ABOVE rein Position Four Dressage position. Suitable only for advanced horses. Encourages a high degree of lift and collection. Also suitable for work in hand. Attach triggers to TOP of roller

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