New Synthetic All Purpose Treeless Saddle Brown pony 12"+ free Girth

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“Treeless GP Saddle”. This Saddle is made of very Soft Synthetic & Suede and Detachable Stirrups attachment Ebars, Detachable Seat and Underside Fix Panels. Totally Flexible Treeless GP Saddle with no hard components - PU moulded Seat & Flaps. The TREELESS feature in this Saddle, allows the Horse to take SHARP AND QUICK TURNS, and to have a FREE MOVEMENT of muscles during riding. Saddle weight only 3.5kg approx so the horse only feels the riders weight, and Horse feels Energetic during the riding. this saddle can be fitted variety of ponies and through Detachable Stirrups Attachment Ebars can change your Riding Position as per your comfort very easily. This Treeless GP Saddle is extremely COMFORTABLE for both the Horse and the Rider with it’s Amazing Flexible & Adjustable features. pony SIZE - 12" COLOUR Brown

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